Sterling Silver Abstract Hoops With A Colored Dot


A pair of lightweight minimal abstract hoops with a pop of color.

- The hoops are made out of 2mm flat recycled sterling silver wire, and they are decorated with a small domed disk filled with colored cold glaze.
Cold glaze is a high-quality, varnish type liquid plastic which hardens into a shiny coating. It is scratch-proof and suitable for jewelry as well as tiles, terracotta dishes, ceramic, wood etc.
- The domed disk measures 9mm in diameter.
- The hoops measure approx. 5.5cm (2.2 inches) long by approx. 3cm (1.2 inch) wide (at the widest point).
- Available in the following colors:
~ White
~ Black
~ Red
~ Dark Blue
~ Hot Pink
~ Aquamarine
- The hoops have a bright matte finish.
- Sterling silver posts and earnuts.

~ Have a look at our faq on tips for caring for your jewelry:

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